The heat resistant refractory is, of course, an essential protective part of an industrial boiler and when it goes wrong it is a common cause of energy loss and boiler outage. If you use the incorrect refractory material, or choose an incorrect installation method, your boiler is likely to experience loss of function.

This is why correct boiler refractory installation and maintenance services are needed to ensure your boiler system runs perfectly and why you need the right boiler refractory materials to ensure the safety and efficiency of your boiler.

At DK Welding Services we use materials of the highest quality whatever the make of boiler and whatever types of package or water-tube boiler. Regardless of a refractory being brickwork, rammable, sprayed, poured or pre-cast segments our skilled refractory installation contractors will always take the utmost care to employ the correct method according to the requirements of the material used.

Expert installation is essential to ensure your industrial boiler functions as well as possible for as long as possible, so we are more than happy to discuss your industrial boiler refractory needs beforehand in order to provide the best quality services for your situation.

Boiler Refractory Installation Services Include:
  • Boiler furnace quarls
  • Front and rear door and smoke box linings
  • Division walls
  • Hot duct linings
  • Water tube drum to tube seals
  • Hot gas flow seals
  • Superheater tube encasement’s