As specialists in the repair of industrial boilers and associated plant, our services include complete coded welding services in carbon, stainless steel and chrome molybdenum. Our fully qualified coded welders are experienced in coded MMA, TIG and MIG welding as required to effectively repair any kind of fabrication or industrial boiler.

All coded welding carried out is done to both Pressure Equipment Directive and ASME 8 and BSEN standards where fabrications are manufactured to follow these.

All our coded welders have gained their vast experience and qualifications over many years, often starting out as apprentices and working their way up to completing Welder Approval Tests along the way to becoming coded.

Whether working in aluminium, stainless steel or mild steel, all our coded weld repairs are carried out to the highest insurance-certified standard.


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Take a look at this removal by DK Welding Services Ltd of a defective dished-end weld attachment on the underside of a 40 tonne jacketed glass lined reactor vessel.

Working height was restricted to only 4 feet and in a highly flammable working plant room with the on-site fire department on constant stand-by.

Here you can see the new replacement, 20mm thick, dished material fitted and ready to be welded by DK Welding Services Ltd following inspection by Allianz Engineering insurance.

After several failed attempts by others to stop an enthusiast’s traction engine stay bars leaking, DK Welding Services Ltd were called in.

The stay bars were removed and new machined weld preparations were applied.

The stay bars were then welded by DK Welding Services Ltd, never to leak again!

DK Welding Services Ltd were contracted to repair two small cracks that had been visually observed in a circumferential seam of a jacketed pressure vessel 2.6m in diameter and 20mm thick carbon steel. The cracks were confirmed by MPI.

The crack defects were recorded as running across the seam weld, not circumferentially, at approximately 800mm apart. DK Welding Services Ltd, having considerable experience of repairing several similar vessels at the same site, advised that a section of material (1m X 125mm wide) be removed.

Following removal of the circumferential weld material (as shown in this image), further severe crack defects were observed – typical of stress corrosion cracking propagating from inside the jacket from behind a weld backing strip fitted at the time of original manufacture.



DK Welding Services Ltd advised the customer that Ultra Sonic examination should be carried out to all welded seams and nozzle connections. Consequently, it was determined that the entire circumferential seam at the top of the vessel was defective, 2 minor cracks were detected in the lower seam and 2 nozzle welds were also cracked.


DK Welding Services Ltd replaced the top circumferential seam in its entirety, installed rolled material sections (125mm wide X 20mm thick), replaced 2 nozzles (as shown in this image) and carried out local repairs to the bottom seam.


All welding repairs were subjected to inspection, Ultra Sonic examination and hydraulic pressure testing upon completion, under the control of Allianz Engineering Insurance.



We offer a range of Coded Welding Services:
  • Coded site welding in carbon, stainless steel and chrome molybdenum.
  • Feed pipe and nozzle replacement.
  • Full and partial boiler furnaces and furnace rings.
  • Pressure vessel defect repairs and shell section replacement.
  • Tube end repairs.
  • Emergency plugging of tubes.
  • Pipework manufacture and installation.
  • Re-tubing of boilers and heat exchangers.
  • Proficient in BSEN 287/288 and ISO 9606