Comprehensive valve overhaul and repair services with many stock spare parts available for all types, makes and sizes of valves, carried out on or off site.

At DK Welding Services we can provide a complete valve overhaul and repair service for your industrial boiler with a good range of stock spare parts for all types, makes and sizes of valves including:

  • Safety valves
  • Crown valves
  • Blowdown valves
  • Isolation valves
  • Feed valves
  • Feed check valves
  • Control valves
  • Water level cocks
  • Water level gauges low and high pressure
  • Pressure gauge repair, re-calibration or replacement

We can also supply water level cocks, water level gauges for low and high pressure along with pressure gauge repair, re-calibration, and replacement. Our services can be carried out on or off-site, and our expertise in valve overhaul and industrial valve repair will help you to keep your industrial boiler running efficiently and safely as possible for many years.

Our comprehensive and thorough service includes everything from start to finish, from the on-site removal of the valves and cleaning of the boiler or vessel flange, the full examination and machining of parts right down to the pressure testing (pressure test certificate provided) and reports for future requirements.

Our initial assessment will include diagnostics or testing as required plus a full strip down, inspection and reassembly of all components. Where it is necessary to replace any parts, this will be done at the time, and the valve will then be fully tested to ensure correct and efficient working order.

Every part of the process is carried out in strict accordance to all relevant regulations and accreditations.

With our extensive expertise in valve overhaul and industrial valve repair plus in-house stock of spare parts, we can manage the entire process from beginning to end and at a very competitive price.

Image ShowingTwo large safety valves removed from a water-tube boiler steam drum, awaiting dispatch for off-site servicing.

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Our service consists of:
  • On site removal of the valves and cleaning of boiler/vessel flange faces
  • Strip valves and carry out full internal examination
  • Lap valve seats or machine/replace where necessary
  • Shot blast outer surfaces
  • Replace any broken or damaged studs
  • Reassembly with high quality jointing and gland packing
  • Pressure testing
  • Re painting of outer surfaces
  • Fix new identification tags
  • Provide pressure test certificate
  • Provide our customer with a report of any corrections to the valves that may need to be addressed at their next service.
  • Valve overhaul on and off site.

(Subject to on-site facilities, all the above may not be available if carried out on-site).